Saturday, November 20, 2010

D Day Minus – 17573: (January 26, 1962): Prologue—One Possibility

I’ll do my best to remember Eternity. It was such a long time ago. So much has happened to make me forget. And you know the thing about Reality – by the time you can talk, you totally forget Eternity. Then you spend the rest of your time in Reality, trying to remember what it was like. You know? Before.   

We were hanging out with our Cluster in Eternity enjoying non-life. Dad was there. Morgan was there. Katie was there. Aunt Janiene was there too. We had different names. Dad was Ineffable – mostly because he was. He chose that name because it meant “too sacred to be uttered or spoken.” That was kind of dumb because in Eternity, we didn’t speak. We didn’t smell, taste, hear or see for that matter. We had something better. We knew and we felt. Not like in Reality, where feelings can be hurt. What we felt here in Eternity really was ineffable. 

I was Hannah. You were Michaelangelo. Morgan was Lily. Katy was Hunter. Aunt Janiene was Jennah – mostly because it rhymed with Hannah. She wanted part of my name to be even closer to me. Like that could make us any closer. But that was okay, because we were supposed to feel good. And if having part of my name made Jennah happy. So be it.

You, Jennah, Hunter, and Lily were still one and carefree. Not like me. I was mostly carefree, but some of Reality was getting mixed in with me. It happened each time I tried on my new physical body. Hannah was still there – but not. It’s just strange to know you’re going to Reality and leaving the biggest part of you behind.

I had to go. Because that’s what's supposed to happen. It's part of the circle. I tried to get Ineffable to clue me in. Because part of him went to Reality one hundred and eighty one days ago. Ineffable stayed true to his nature and thought to me in riddles. He wasn’t supposed to let me know. I had to figure it out on my own. I knew that. But sometimes I forgot – probably because Reality was getting in me.

Part of me really did want to go. But Reality confused me a little. It would happen to you – when it's your turn. And it would be your turn soon. I had to go first because you chose me to be your physical mother. And I chose you to be my physical son. And Lily would be your physical sister. And Ineffable was going to be your physical father. We all chose each other.

We didn't know what Reality was going to be like or have any plans. Just that we would do our best to help each other remember – Eternity.

You knew Hunter was part of you. I knew Jennah was part of me. We had so many others that were part of us too. We knew we'd see our friends from Eternity. Somewhere in Reality. We'd know by what we felt. It could be love or hate or something in between. But if we had a feeling about someone in Reality, they were our friend in Eternity. The trick was to see them in Reality like they really were in Eternity. Then we were getting closer to who we really were – in Eternity.

We didn't want Reality to be easy. We didn't want to have all the answers. We didn't want material things given to us. We didn't always want perfect health. We didn't want everyone to love us automatically. That would've have missed the whole point and the journey. We wanted the obstacles. We wanted to want. We wanted to get better. We wanted to figure it out. We wanted to grow. We wanted to do our part to expand Eternity.

Most of all, we wanted to remember. We wanted to remember what it was like in Eternity. We wanted it so much. It was our one and only promise. We promised each other that we'd make each other want to remember. No matter what. Even if it hurt in Reality. Even if.

Just before part of me left to be born in Reality, I felt a surge of love from our Cluster. Followed by a sharp separation from the bigger part of me – Hannah. Then thoughts, followed by echos, followed by whispers: "REMEMBER WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Remember who you really are. remember who you really are. remember."

Next, I saw bright bright lights and physical faces with my own physical eyes. Right here in Reality.

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  1. We really will be together for eternity. That is the plan.:)