Get Empowered

  • Find a way to feel a little bit better and bask in it.  Greg and I made it a point to do this everyday.  We wrote gratitude lists, found distractions, savored happy memories, kept our sense of humor, limited our time to wallow in sorrows, used our imagination, found positive aspects, called friends or family or anything else that made us feel better.  Do it, it makes life more enjoyable.  I promise. 
  • Spread Greg’s story. Stress the hope he exhibited during his melanoma battle.  Share the link to this blog.  He would like that. 
  • Increase your zebra awareness. Pay attention to those magical moments that happen everyday.  They are everywhere, you just need to tune in to them. 
  • Pay attention to your skin.  Be aware of any changes in your skin that may indicate skin cancer.  Early detection is your best defense.
Sunny Days 
  •  Wear sunscreen and stay away from tanning beds.  Please see Morgan's page on melanoma for more tips. 
Annual Checkups Days
  • Make sure the doctor does a skin check at your annual checkup or schedule routine visits with your dermatologist. If you're a parent make sure the doctor checks your child's skin. It never crossed my mind to make sure the doctor's checked Greg during his annual checkups. 
Spare Time Days
  • Participate in a melanoma awareness event.  Don't throw away the flyers or notices you get in the mail -- really think about getting involved. Then just do it.
  • Find your own creative way to help empower someone else.  It will change your life.
Spare Change Days
  • Donate your spare change to support melanoma awareness or research.