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D Day Minus 86: (December 12, 2009): Duality, OJ, and Time (Part 1)

You were upstairs, sleeping in your room. This morning you went to work only to come home two hours later because you “didn’t feel well.” I was in the middle of a thought experiment. Sort of like the ones Einstein did, but not exactly. His experiments solved problems in mankind.  I just wanted to not think about cancer.  That was kind of stupid. You know why? I just Googled Melanoma Clinical Trials and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Trials page winked at me, like it was in on some horrible joke.

You know how I like physics—especially quantum. I told you. Remember?  I’ve read a lot of biographies on Albert Einstein, Richard Feyman, Marie Curie, Erwin Schrödinger, and other physicists. I read them while I waited for you during all those baseball practices at Claude Moore Park. Believe me, I was paying attention when it counted, when you were playing. Really, I was. At least, I brought the good snacks the drink boxes and fruit roll-ups. I tried to understand baseball. I did. Now how many people are on a team?

So, do you want to know why I love quantum physics?  Drum roll please.  Because it tries to explain some of the freaky things that can't be explained. Like how things can all be connected though quantum entanglement and you can change the outcome by your expectations.  There is so much more to know, only we don't know how to measure. 

Oh and I did like the drama and the trials that the old timers encountered when they tried make sense of it all.  But, I'm not that crazy about the math. Not at all. Even if Ellie, Jody Foster's character, in Contact said it was the universal language. Give me words and feelings any day.  

But don't you think it's cool and mind-blowing all at once? All you have to do is dig a little and it just raises more questions but thought provoking questions.   One other thing, don't you think Michio Kaku is cool too?  He’s been on the Science Channel. I even read his books before he was popular.

Do you want to know what all those physicists had in common? They took the path less traveled and found a way to fuel their passion. Albert Einstein wasn’t a shining star – at first.  He had to deal with a dysfunctional marriage and a boring bureaucratic job at the patent office.  Others had their own trials and tribulations, but they didn’t give up.  They were left alone to try and figure out a solution. Sort of like us and what we’re going to do next, now that trial isn’t working. But, we’ll try.  Besides, we know there isn’t a crowd on the leading edge. And right now we’re on the on the most leading edge. I'd say we had one foot on the ledge. 

Anyway, do you want me to tell you? I know you’re tired and scared. So am I.  But it is something to think about. You know. My thought experiment. Or maybe it’s a hypothesis? Sometimes I get confused.  Actually, I’m always confused. But, whatever! 

It’s about the duality of matter at the quantum level and whether matter is a particle or wave and all the craziness of quantum entanglement. It matters because we’re all about matter.  And it matters because it shows we’re all connected. 

Even if!  Even if.  We can’t see the connection. It matters because it shows that we don’t know everything and that there is more to know. Okay, don’t freak. That’s as deep as I’m going to get. Google it when you feel better.

The thing that makes my thought experiment different is that I'm by-passing the math  and using  the construct of sentences. Sort of like my own little worm-hole to speed up the learning process. At least for me.  

Did you diagram sentences in school? I did. Anyway the sentence is deconstructed based on rules to follow the order of language.  All language really is is a way to structure communication. What I’m saying is life is structured like sentences with verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns and pronouns in the simplest terms. Am I making sense? Or does my idea need life support?   

I have you to thank in a warped way for helping me come up with my hypotheses. I think it is. But I could be swayed back to thought experiment.

So here’s what happened that made me come up with my idea. A week from last Thursday, you gave me a noun at the macro level or a particle at some level we can’t see.  From this point, we’ll call them noun-particles. Bottom line, it was an event—a snapshot in time that has been my touchstone since.  We'll call the actions and reactions verb-waves. It will make sense in a bit. So hold on to your horses. Dad says that it still doesn't make sense. 

The Hypothesis. Noun-particles are the catalyst for verb-waves. And verb-waves can generate noun-particles. Entanglement is a fact of life. Thoughts are matter. And thoughts matter. The control is how an individual (me) perceives an event because that is all I really can control. Just my reaction. So for the control, the subject (me) will report on my perceptions.  Feelings will calibrate the amplitude (better known as mood swings) and the oscillation of the verb-waves at various frequencies. 

Do you like how I got all seventh grade science project on you?  I hope my science teacher, Mr. Fry, at Westlake Junior High forgives me and my creative license. But this experiment is way cooler than growing beans in sunlight. You'll see.

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