Cast of Characters


Greg Jones plays the starring role of "Greg," "You," and
"Turkeyman" and helps us find the silver lining in a devastating disease like cancer.  He shows us what matters, the power of forgiveness, and seizing second chances.  Join us through the emotional roller coaster of highs and lows as we go with him through the courageous battle.  Although he's tending to his latest adventure. He's never far from our hearts.  His story reminds us of the all the everyday miracles that surround us, when we are paying attention. And believing in zebras.  

Nancy Jones is the narrator and tells Greg's story from her perspective. She plays the role of Mom, Nance, and  
Rainman.  Her emotions and insights are displayed with the hope that others will understand the journey a deadly disease, like melanoma, has on all those who are touched.  She shows that doing our best is all we can do and that our power is in the present. 

Jeff Jones plays the role of Dad and Jeff. He is the voice

of reason and the rock of the Jones clan. He shows that love doesn't mean going off the deep end.  It is being there through thick and thin. Sometimes it is holding a hand and not saying a word. And making good food. 

Katie Armstrong plays the role of old girlfriend, friend, and new girlfriend.  She shows that commitment has nothing to do with a wedding ring or a ceremony. It is standing by your man through the good, the bad, and the ugly.  She shows us the power of second chances, unconditional love, forgiveness, and letting go.  Greg's love will be with her always - in the deep recesses of her heart.   

Morgan Jones plays the role of friend, confidant, and sister.  Behind the scenes, Greg and Morgan call each other frequently to talk about the mundane things and complain about the family—mostly there mom's rainman tendencies.  Their bond kept them sane through the insanity of growing up with the Joneses.  Greg always watched over his baby sister and always thought of her onii-chan (big brother) as her hero.