Friday, April 23, 2010

D Day Minus 235 (July 16, 2009)

“You need to sign the birthday cards for Morgan.” I said as I retrieved the cards from my to do stack. “I’ll give them to her this weekend.” I dug for a pen from my purse and tossed it to you from across the kitchen table.

You sighed as you shook the pen, “Do you have a pen that works?” I stole one of Dad’s good ones from the counter.

Over the 4th of July weekend, we picked up five identical cards from the Dollar Store at the mall in Martinsville as payback to Morgan for giving Dad his birthday present on the 29th of June instead of his birthday on the 29th of July. Actually, you told her the wrong date. She trusted you. You were also notorious for giving Dad the same card year after year. You claimed is was due to chemo brain -- but you weren't on chemo for ten years. Anyway, you thought it would be funny for Dad, you, and me to give Morgan identical cards with identical messages wishing her the best 23rd birthday ever – even though we knew she was going to be 22. The plan was to give her the cards a week or two before her birthday, which was on the August 5th, as a practical joke.

“Katie is pretty nervous about sitting in the waiting room with you tomorrow.” You said as you finished writing the last birthday day card message.

“Why?” I said. “I don’t bite.” I rubbed my sore left shoulder from doing No Lipo Lipo in hopes of getting killer calves. It was more of a workout than lifting weights.

“She remembers the break up and probably thinks you are still mad.” I knew Katie was afraid to be alone with me in the same room – even though you had hung out for nearly three months. She'd talk really fast and mumble that she was "really nervous."

“I was never mad. You were kids.” I said. “Besides, I’ve always cared for Katie.” I arched an eyebrow. "Are you more than friends?"

"She's just a good friend." You said as you proceeded to tell me what was off limits for discussion in the waiting room.


  1. I treasure those birthday cards. They're still in my nightstand next to the card that Greg wrote to me when we were in a fight. He was always good about his cards-a trait I think he gets from Dad. The card was a peace offering that explained how much he loved me and how I will always be his baby sister. I always will be.

  2. I still have the other two cards buried in my papers. Don't know why we got five. I think I did my normal bulk shopping. BiZ.