Wednesday, April 21, 2010

D Day Minus 238 (July 13, 2009)

I picked up your call on the first ring. I forced myself not to call at least ten times within the last hour alone.

“What’s the word?” I asked as I doodled on my latest gratitude list. It wasn’t very long

“Raj’s office just sent out the order for the PET scan.” You said.

“What? I thought you’d get the order through Dr. P. at MD Anderson?”

“Like I said the first two times you called. It is going to be faster to go with the locals than coordinating with MD Anderson.”

“I must have missed that part. I’ve been crazy busy all morning with meetings and freeing up my schedule.” Actually it was quiet morning and I had gone down the hall to bathroom and I thought I might have missed your call. So I called just to make sure. Twice.

“The order has been sent to the same place Raj sent me to last Summer before I moved to Roanoke. It's in Annandale. Raj likes them best. They will call me with the first available appointment.”

“But it’s already 3:00. When will you know?” I forced myself to breathe. “Sorry Buddy, I’m going all Rain Man on you.” Ten minutes to Judge Wapner echoed in my mind.

“Mom, I’ve got things under control. It’s sort of like my life depends on it.” You teased. It wasn’t funny.

“So what now?” I asked

“We wait.” 

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