Friday, May 7, 2010

D Day Minus 226 (July 25, 2009)

I almost tripped over my pink overnight bag splayed on the bedroom floor to get the phone that wasn’t on the nightstand. I had just started my bath, but hadn’t checked to see if it had too much cold water. Dad walked in from the kitchen where he was checking his work email – and handed me the phone. “It’s your son.” My heart sunk.

I’d called you an hour earlier to let you know we made it to Jones South. You were bummed that you weren’t going to see Katie before she went to work at 11:30. She got caught up in a family celebration for her dad’s birthday – and hadn’t told her parents that you two were a couple. You said her family didn’t like you very much, but you would win them over eventually. I asked you to call me if you needed anything or had trouble sleeping.

“Guess what?” You asked without giving me a chance to answer.

“Katie got the night off .” You said to the background sounds of kitchen chairs dragging and dishes rattling. “She brought me chocolate covered strawberries.” You must have fired some happiness my way because I caught something good. Then you passed the phone to Katie.

“Hi Mrs. Jones,” Katie said. We both started talking over each other and played about four rounds of “you go, no you go.” Finally, I said, “ I’m so glad you are there with Greg. I love you.” Katie inhaled and fumbled over the rest of our conversation, then I asked her to say “goodnight” to you.

I turned off my bath water and watched the water drip from the faucet for a minute.  Then, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror staring at my reflection.  I didn't look any different, but felt lighter.  I'd just released the reigns I held so tightly protecting your emotional well-being.

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