Monday, June 21, 2010

D Day Minus 206 (August 14, 2009)

"So would you ever move to New York?" I asked as we pulled into the Chipotle parking lot just off Route 7 by Borders and the Regal Cinemas.  You were in the passenger seat, tired but happy, after your first day training in the bakery at the Dulles Store.  I was killing time like I usually did whenever Dad would make the decree about "leaving work early and heading south to Bassett before 66 gets backed up."

"Maybe. But, I really don't want to be too far from you and Dad." You furrowed your brow like you were trying New York on for size.  "If something came up with Wegmans and Katie wanted to move and it was within a reasonable driving distance from you."  You sighed, looking at the digital clock in the console.  " It took awhile for me to get it, but family is the most important thing and I don't want to be too far away."

 We got out of the SUV. You winced when I slammed the door a little too hard for your liking.  I drew in my breath, thankful it was my vehicle. I didn't want a repeat performance of what I deemed Mimi's Meltdown from a couple of days ago. Fortunately, the six or seven of Loudoun's finest filing out of Chipotle's got your attention. 

"What did you do?" I teased, knowing your love hate relationship with the cops every since you got your license.

"They're after you Mom, I didn't drive." You said, eyebrows raised.

"That's for sure." I laughed, then slugged your arm . "Yeah, you drive like a grandpa."

"Well at least, I haven't had a ticket since...." You didn't finish your sentence, but we both knew that your Mario Amdretti days were a thing of the past after you got your license suspended at nineteen for reckless driving.

"Serioulsy, why are there so many cops?" You asked considering possible scenarios putting your right index finger to your lips. 

"I bet it was because they get a discount." I opened the double glass doors to a wall of refrigeration and immediately got chills.   "When I was a Manager at McDonald's, we gave the cops food for half price because it was good for business to have a police presence." I wrapped my arms around waist, trying to get warm. 

"That makes a lot of sense." You said weighing my answer. "McDonald's is invested in Chipotle." 

The line was almost out to the door and we got stuck behind the some track team that was pretty loud.  Neither of us cared about the wait and we just stood a little closer and talked a little louder. 

"I think I was little too slow for the lady who was training me to mix breads.  A couple times, I think she wanted me to get out of the way so she could make the bread."  You said.

"Damn Management Trainee." I chimed in. 

"But, I started to get the hang of it." You stood a little straighter when you said it.

"Like you said Greg, you don't have to best at making and baking bread, you have to the be best at managing people and resources." You smiled a satisfied smile and and asked, "Did I tell you my store is getting the new deck ovens instead of the brick ovens at Dulles." You proceeded to tell me the merits of deck ovens over brick ovens, which I forgot by the time I paid for your barbacoa burrito with black beans. We talked until Katie called you while you were eating your burrito at home at the kitchen table.  I loved that we talked for over an hour and cancer never came up --- once. 

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