Thursday, June 3, 2010

D Day Minus 217 (August 3, 2009)

About two minutes into my chi run experiment, I almost had an anxiety attack trying out my spanking new metronome I just got from Amazon. It was supposed to set a soothing cadence and help me find inner peace and tranquility. Something I desperately sought after trying to be nonchalant about not going with you and Katie to your first day of treatment.  Well it didn't!  So I just turned off the damn metronome and got all gansta in my monkey shoes listening to the playlist we put together after we saw The Proposal in June.  My chi flowed to Lean Back, Roses ,Move B*****, Snap Yo Fingers , and Get Low while I ran the loop around the pond chasing away my fears.  By time I got home, my feet smelled like Fritos.  But I did feel like a bad mothah after running without stopping and was seriously considering buying some zebra bling from Amazon. 

I poked my head in your room on my way to get a bath - you and Katie were settling in on the Futon to watch something on the Food Network -- I think.

"I'm feeling pretty good." You said. "Katie and I walked the loop." You held Katie's hand, while she tried not to look afraid.  "This treatment is a piece of cake -- especially compared to Interferon."

I smiled and gave you the thumbs up instead of a hug because I started to smell like old grass in addition to really really really stinky Fritos. I left you alone with Katie and finally took a bath, mostly so I wouldn't RAINMAN you trying to figure out how you really felt.

By the time I got out of the tub and dressed, Katie had left and you were in bed fighting chills from the chemo. You asked me for another blanket.  While I covered you up, you looked up from your cocoon and said, "I am so glad you are my Mom."

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  1. i am glad you are his mom too. you really made a difference. love ya sis!