Monday, June 7, 2010

D Day Minus 215 (August 5, 2009)

"I have something for you." You said as you handed me the zebra scarf -- the one our favorite nurse showed us yesterday. "She wants you to have it."

I welled up with happy tears and you gave me a bear hug.

"I really do believe in zebras." I said in your ear.

"So do I." You echoed in my ear.

"How was treatment with Dad?" I asked breaking away from your arms with one last sniff.

"Treatment only lasted five hours." You said. "Dad sat with me through it, but had to go back to work. It was ok." You looked down and sighed. "I'll be glad when its over."

"How's the nausea?" I asked trying stop my impulse to snarl my face. "Do you want anything special for dinner?"

"Maybe some Amy's Organic Mac and Cheese, when I think of anything else it makes me want to puke." You said.

I searched the pantry, while you sat in the kitchen chair with both knees up to get warm and comfortable.

"At least, you're almost through with this round. And I don't think you are losing your hair." You rubbed your head just to make sure, then your eyes lit up when realized your your hair was still in tact.

The house phone announced "Morgan's calling." I asked if you remembered it was Morgan's birthday, just before I picked up.

"I remembered." You said while you made a beeline for the couch to get even more comfortable. "We'll celebrate it right next year. I'm not going anywhere."


  1. I remember him actually saying that. He was working on my roller disco party and was sad he couldn't see it through. This made me cry. I miss him a lot.

  2. Greg loved you so much -- even before you born -- he called you his little Morgy. He is still with us. Just keep be aware -- butterflies and zebras are everywhere. I love you Morgan Lynn Jones.